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Welcome by the Rector
Victor A. Sadovnichii

Dear friends,

Welcome to Russia, a very special country which is at the geographic, historical, cultural, and educational cross-roads of Europe and Asia.

Welcome to Moscow which is the head and the heart of the great country and its great people.

Welcome to the Lomonosov Moscow State University which is not only the country's premier university but also the intellectual, spiritual, academic, scientific, cultural and educational centre of Russian society.

In this prospectus you will learn about the many possibilities and forms of education at the most highly respected university of the Russian Federation.

Education at Moscow State provides you with not only knowledge and high qualifications for your future profession, it also gives you the opportunity to experience Russian life and culture firsthand.

I wish you all the best in your choice for the future.

Professor Victor A. Sadovnichii
Rector of Moscow State University,
Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences

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About us

The Lomonosov Moscow State University is the oldest university of Russia.

Moscow University was founded on 12(25)th of January 1755 on Saint Tatyana's Day at the decree of the Empress Elizaveta Petrovna on the initiative of the great Russian scientist Mikhail Lomonosov. The day of Moscow University's foundation is celebrated as the Student's Day in Russia.

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